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Actually the basic concept behind an Internal Combustion Engine to be called as an Internal Combustion Engine is that the fuel which is available to it is burned inside the core of the engine or in other words the combustion process is carried out internally inside the box of the engine...

Di-section Of An Piston Engine
Di-section Of An Piston Engine

The basic principle behind any Internal Combustion Engine-

If you put a tiny amount of high-energy fuel (like gasoline) in a small, enclosed space and ignite it, an incredible amount of energy is released in the form of expanding gas. This large amount of energy can be used to propel a potato to a height of 500 feet. You can also use it for more interesting purposes. Then just think about it, if you can harness this incredible amount of energy in a useful way & could be able to create a cycle that allows you to set off explosions like this hundreds of times per minute, then we have is the basic core of an engine!!!

In fact there are many types of internal combustion engines available today, which uses various different methods to burn the fuel inside the engine. They are based on engine configuration:

  • Piston Engines - Piston Engines are classified further based on engine's cycle...
    • Four Stroke Engines - Fuel is burned in 4 stroke of the piston i.e. two times ups and two times downs, with spark every other revolution.
    Internal Combustion Engine
    • Two Stroke engines - Fuel is burned in a single revolution i.e. in 2 stroke, one up and one down, with spark every revolution.
    Yamaha Two/2 stroke engine
    • Diesel Engines - Here fuel is also burned in 4 stroke of the piston but without the spark, Yes!!! it doesn't have a spark plug in it. Fuel is burned using internal heat of the cylinder during compression.
    Diesel Engine
  • Wankel Engine
  • Turbines
Getting confused?!!
Why don't get back and have a brief info about the Classification Of Engine......

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