You may be wondering why I’ve kept my blog address as “”. Actually there are two reasons for this, but before I tell about the reason behind it lets know what the word beamer means…

BMW logo

BEAMER or BEEMER means a BMW automobile in ‘slang lang’ (hey it rhymed!). Click on the link for more details......

So here are the two reasons:

·         I love BMW car series, infact everyone like….
·         Secondly I want everyone to know how it works
·         Thirdly (it an auxiliary reason)there’s no other suitable address available

So not just sit behind your proudly owned BMW, know the vast and brilliant engineering behind it…

Also, @beamerguide is just an independent enthusiast blog dedicated to HEAT ENGINE working and is in NO WAY affiliated or owned by BMW AG. BMW is a registered trademark of BMW AG.

ISTC Robotics Club

ISTC Robotics Club

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