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Hey guys how about if i add water in the hot engine's combustion chamber!!
You might be thinking this that i've gone mad, but a man naming Bruce Crower did so. And you know what he got, he got an addition two stroke which not only improves efficiency of the engine by 40% but also reduces pollution.

Actually the engine starts with an regular Otto cycle or 4-stroke cycle delaying the 5th and the 6th stroke. Once the engine's temperature reaches 204.44 degree C water is induced in the cylinder after the Exhaust stroke or the fourth stroke. Water expand to 1600 times its volume and forces the piston down for an additional stroke and thus an extra power stroke adds up giving extra benefit to the engine. This type of engine don't want an cooling system because the water based cooling system has added an extra power stroke to the engine. Now we all know water is an renewable resource hence after the water based power stroke, this water is collected back by a condenser attached with the exhaust pipe. Hence this water can be used up again as a fuel for 5th and 6th stroke.

 Let's understand it better via a Diagram:
Exhaust or Fourth Stroke of Six Stroke Engine
Exhaust Stroke: This is the 4th stroke of the Otto cycle where the exhaust of the gases are thrown away.

Fifth Stroke of Six Stroke Engine

2nd Power Stroke: This is the stroke where water is injected inside the engine so that it pushes the piston down. Hence an extra power stroke has been added which would again provide more power with better efficiency.

Sixth Stroke of Six Stroke Engine
2nd Exhaust Stroke: In this stroke all the remaining vapors and gases are thrown away from the chamber. Water vapors are collected by a condenser which is attached with the exhaust port so that water can be used again

Actually there are various proposed 6 stroke engine but currently notable designs in this class are the Crower six-stroke engine, invented by Bruce Crower of the U.S. which we have learned; the Bajulaz engine by the Bajulaz S.A. company of Switzerland; and the Velozeta Six-stroke engine built by the College of Engineering, at Trivandrum in India.

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