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How Jet Engine Works

Have you ever notice how does a aeroplane fly without having any rotating blades, which earlier just to propel the plane in air. No doubt the earlier flying machines do needed those metal scrapes rotating in front of them, but Today we have jet engines which are very much  efficient than those 'rotating blade' engines.

What's the reason that today fighting jets are installed with Jet engine. To answer all this queries, we need to know little about its history and origin...

Actually engineers came to know about the fact that these rotating blades & their engines basically diesel engine or 4-stroke engine aren't capable of performing in speed closer to speed of sound. As these engines have moving parts. So engineers have to discover a totally new type of engine so they came up with a new concept of JET ENGINE

Photo's courtesy of Vitroid

Jet engines are mainly of 2 types and rest are their derivatives:
  •  Airbreathing
    • Turbine powered
      • Turbojet
      • Turbofan
      • Turboprop and turboshaft
      • Propfan
    •  Ram powered
      •  Ramjet
      • Scramjet
    •  Non-continuous combustion
  • Rocket
Lets start our discussion from one of my favorite topics, the Airbreathing engine---
Oct 16, 2011
Posted by Sayantan Mandal

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