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Turbocharges and Supercharges are one of my favorite topics to talk about, these are one of the greatest engineering marvelous of its kind.

First of all let's talk about what Turbocharges
Actually both of  them work on the same principle, both of them uses the same mechanism to work the only difference lies on the power source they both uses. Lets firstly talk about what is Turbochargers.

Di-section View of Turbocharges
Di-section View of Turbocharges
Turbocharges are a type of a forced induction system. It forces the flowing air into the engine or the combustion chamber without significantly effecting the the weight of the engine. Now the availability of the air inside the chamber is more, hence more fuel can be used and as a result we get a large boost per explosion. (READ- How car engine works to get familiar to these words.)

Turbocharges are just like turbines used in Dams to convert the heavy flow of water into rotational motion. In case of Turbocharges the fast flow of the exhaust gases via exhaust pipe is used up in rotating the turbocharges or turbine blades. Now here the blades pushes the fresh air into the intake port. The air is highly compressed and reaches the engine via inter-coolers in order to avoid knocking.

Labeled Diagram of Turbocharger's parts
Labeled Diagram of Turbocharger's parts

Let's understand with the help of a simple diagram of a typical Turbo Charger---- 
Key to the Diagram:
5- Exhaust is leaving the chamber
6- It reaches the Turbo Charger
7- Exhaust is leaving the Turbocharger with high speed as a result it rotates the blades of the other end of the other end of the Turbocharger
1-  Air is sucked in due to pressure created by the rotation of the blades
2- Compressed is taken to Inter-cooler
3- Air is cooled in the Inter-cooler
4- It reaches the Intake port

Just think about it once that if you install a small turbine which can increase your car performance by 60-70%. It can achieve a spinning rate of 2,500 rps which is 30-40 times faster than most car engine.

Amazing isn't it....

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  1. perfect mechanism..........

  2. can it b used in tw wheelers??

  3. Ya it can be...
    But the problem lies with d space availabilty...
    Hope u r satisfied!

    Any more questions guys?

  4. for the Diesel Generator (DG) having capacity of 50MW, How much flue gas temperature drop in turbo charger?
    Present exhaust gas temp (flue gas)from engine is 450 degC and after turbocharger it is 300 degC.


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