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Shaft engines are those kind of engines which transmits its rotatory power or torque using a Drive Shaft. Drive Shaft are subject ttorsion and shear stress.

Drive Shaft has a great history....

Do you remember the old steam locomotives, they used to have a long steel rod mounted on the wheels of the steam engine. It used to slide length-wise and varying its length effectively. Ya, its a kind of drive shaft (as shown in pic) called 'quill drives'.

Photo Courtesy TijsB

I remember when i used to go to school, i often see a rotating cylindrical rod beneath a truck. I used to think how this rotating rod is moving the wheels of the truck. Actually that rotating rod is noting but a Drive shaft which is transmitting the power to the wheels.
Photo Courtesy troymckaskle
The above pic shows a pickup truck with 4 wheel drive. You can see two shaft in front of the power assembly which is driving the front tyres. 

So all this is Drive Shaft all about....

Now Shaft Engines are of two Types:

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