Posted by : Sayantan Mandal Sep 29, 2010

  • 2-stroke engines have a significant power boost/supply than a 4-stroke engine as it is fired every 2 revolution and hence can produce double power than a 4-stroke engine.
  • 2-stroke engine is lighter in weight due to simple construction than 4-stroke engine. as it don't have any mess with valves or we can say it don't have valves.
  • A typical 4-stroke engine can't work in any orientation, in order to resolve it more complexities would be added to it. But in case of 2-stroke engine it will work in any orientation given.
  • 2-stroke engines generate more power than 4-stroke engine
  • Moreover 2-stroke engines are less expensive than 4-stroke engine.


    • We all know that 2-stroke engine stroke engine require 4-stroke oil mixed with gas, in order to lubricate the crankshaft, It not only burns gas but also the  2-stroke engine oil with it.
    • So 2-stroke engine oil adds to the cost of gas. Hence it becomes very much expensive.
    • 2-stroke engines worn out very early than  4-stroke engines due to lack of dedicated lubricating system.
    • Sometimes even gas leaks out of the exhaust valve of 2-stroke engine, leading to storage of gas.
    • 2-stroke engine not uses the gas efficiently, leading to decrease in mileage of the system.
    • 2-stroke engine produces a lot of pollution with it, leading to many environmental pollution.

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