Posted by : Sayantan Mandal Oct 2, 2010

When people talk about car race or racing games, the topic of NOS generally comes up. So actually what is NOS? How it Works?


Nos, Nitrous oxide (N2O) undergoes thermal decomposition and breaks up into Nitrogen and Oxygen, when heated at 300 degree C. Hence injection of NOS provides more oxygen during combustion. Technically, more oxygen in a cylinder means, more fuel can be induced in it leading to more power from that same engine. Hence a significant boost can be obtained from that same engine.

Moreover NOS also provides a cooling effect when it vaporizes. Specifically it absorbs the heat energy of the surroundings and vaporizes, leading to decline in temperature of intake pipe and the intake air. Hence due to less temperature of the air, volume of the air decreases and mass increases, or we can say that its density increases. Overall this all again leads to more availability of oxygen for combustion.

But there is only one major problem with Nitrous Oxide is that is very much bulky. A car needs a large amount of Nos, like any gas. Normally a 6 litre engine requires around 12,000 litre of air every minute running at 4,000 rpm, so it would need a tremendous amount of NOS to run a car continuously. So, a driver can only take a few minutes of NOS even after compressing it into liquid.

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